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Annual Report 2023 - 2024

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Dear Patient,

You are the reason we are Headwaters. Whether you're in our Emergency Department, coming in for an Ambulatory Care clinic appointment, preparing for surgery, or you just had a baby, you are our priority. We work together with families, caregivers, and community partners to provide excellent care, close to home.

Watch our video and explore the report as we reflect on what's been most important during the past year. As One Community, Caring Together with our staff, physicians and volunteers, we're proud of where we've come from and where we're going. 


Strategic Achievements

Guided by our strategic directions, we're proud to share the key achievements that reflect our committment to our community.
  • Getting even better
    Getting even better is one of Headwaters’ strategic directions. It means we are relentlessly driving even higher levels of quality across our teams, investing in the continuous development and recognition of our people, continuously improving our facility and driving operational excellence.


    Headwaters’ hemodialysis unit is being renovated and relocated back to its original location on the main level in the Ambulatory Care wing. This location gives patients more direct access and conveniently near by the drop-off area for frequent appointments. The renovation expands our ability to treat additional patients by adding more treatment stations: 9 stations can treat up to 54 patients annually. To support the longer-term needs of the community, the unit will have the capacity for future expansion to 12 active stations that will support up to 72 patients in total.


    Thanks to the generosity of our community and Headwaters Health Care Foundation’s Smart Headwaters campaign, Headwaters Health Care Centre welcomes a new replacement computed tomography (CT) machine. On average each day, Headwaters images 20 CT outpatients. The new replacement CT allows Headwaters to provide greater appointment availability and an improved patient experience. As the first hospital in Canada to use the GE HealthCare Revolution Ascend CT, the arrival of this innovative equipment enhances patient experience by faster scan times, greater patient comfort and accommodation through AI technology and spacious features, and prioritizing patient safety with low-dose capabilities while maintaining high-quality imaging.

    Toronto Metropolitan University – School of Medicine New Clinical Affiliation

    Headwaters Health Care Centre and the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) School of Medicine proudly announces the formalization of their partnership through an affiliation agreement. This affiliation marks a significant milestone in advancing medical education and training in the region, fostering innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning.

    With a mission to cultivate a new generation of culturally respectful, inclusive, and innovative physicians, the TMU School of Medicine brings a community-driven approach to medical education. Through this affiliation, Headwaters commits to supporting the development of compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals who are deeply invested in serving their communities.

    Both undergraduate and postgraduate learners will have the opportunity to rotate through Headwaters as well as community family practice clinics, gaining valuable hands-on experience in real-world healthcare settings.
    As part of this collaboration, TMU is actively recruiting Headwaters physicians to apply to join its clinical faculty team. Clinical faculty members will shape the next generation of physicians in a variety of ways, from supervising medical learners, to providing academic support, to contributing to the development of case-based learning materials.

    MRI preparations

    With gratitude to our community and Headwaters’ Health Care Foundation’s Smart Headwaters campaign, the region’s first MRI is being prepared for installation at Headwaters. The new MRI will be centrally located next to the exterior of Ambulatory Care wing. Headwaters’ first MRI patient is expected to be scanned early 2025.
  • Nothing about you without you

    Nothing about you without you is one of Headwaters’ strategic directions. It means we are partnering with patients and families on what’s most important to them, empowering individuals and teams to have more control over their work and work life and continuing to build the future of our hospital within our community.
    Here are a few examples from this past year.

    Patient Experience Framework

    Headwaters’ new Patient Experience Framework is the master plan of our commitment to high quality, patient-centred care. The framework guides how we create an exceptional patient experience strategy throughout the organization.   
    The Patient Experience Framework is made by and for Headwaters patients, providing a formal structure by which exceptional patient experience is defined, measured, and delivered. The outcomes of the framework lead to overall improved patient experiences.  

    2024 – 2029 Strategic Plan

    Headwaters Health Care Centre launched its new five-year Strategic Plan aimed at addressing the evolving health care needs of its growing community.  

    Headwaters, located in Orangeville, serves a population of over 143,000 people from across Dufferin County and Caledon regions.  

    Developed collaboratively over several months, the Strategic Plan has been crafted with the invaluable input of nearly 3,000 people. This diverse group includes staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and families, partner organizations, and engaged members of the public, whose firsthand insights have shaped the strategic direction of the hospital. 

    With a steadfast vision of "One Community, Caring Together" and a purpose to "Provide Excellent Care, Close to Home," Headwaters serves as a vital healthcare hub in Dufferin County-Caledon.   

  • Integrated care close to home

    Integrated care close to home is part of Headwaters’ strategic direction. It means we are partnering to advance integrated systems of care in our community, and improving the health of our community with our partners.

    Clinical Priority Plan

    Launched in 2023, Headwaters has taken actions on the Clinical Priority Plan that identifies where we need to grow to best meet the needs of our community, and also defines how we want to continue to improve the care we provide, getting even better.

    In alignment with the five Clinical Priority Plan clinical priorities, we’re pleased that in within the first year of the plan, Headwaters completed 67 or 76 of clinical priority operational objectives and actions. Here are some top examples from this past year.

    In the Emergency Department, we implemented the wait clock and patient surveys, expanded our sexual assault and domestic violence response to be available 24/7, and continue to plan for the future facility growth and service enhancements.

    In Mental Health, Headwaters expanded our crisis worker support in the Emergency Department to evenings and weekends, and received funding to operate the third year of our Mobile Crisis Response Team program. Given the great need for mental health in our community, we will continue to advocate for more funding and continue to work with community partners who provide mental health support services.  

    In Geriatrics, Headwaters welcomed a geriatric physician to provide specialized care, launched the Headwaters2Home program with Bayshore, partnered with the Alzheimer's Society of Dufferin County to implement a behavioural support role to work with our teams to provide specialized dementia care, and created an Integrated Care Advisory Group to improve consultations and decision making with the Hills of Headwaters Collaborative.

    In Obstetrics, Headwaters recruited a dedicated unit educator to support obstetrical teams, provided enhanced fetal heart monitoring and neonatal resuscitation program nurse training.

    In Paediatrics, Headwaters formalized a pediatric department led by our Chief of Pediatrics, restarted and expanded our Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic and our nurses.

By the Numbers



As part of our commitment to making every dollar count for our patients and community, the following information summarizes Headwaters’ financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024.

The hospital was in a surplus position of $747K for the year ended March 31, 2024, due to increases in base funding, new one-time investments relating to surgical innovation, agency staffing, and surgical global funded volumes, and timing of Bill-124 funding received.

Revenue $107.7 million

Revenues increased by $10.5M or 11% from the previous fiscal year.  Ontario Health base and one-time funding including Bill-124, drug rebates, volume increases in Oncology, Dialysis and Diagnostic Imaging, along with an increase in Other Programs funding contributed to the majority of the revenue increase.

Expenses $106.9 million

Total expenses increased by $8.7M or 9% relating primarily to Bill-124 compensation costs, inflation, increased patient volumes, drug costs and expense increases relating to Other Programs.



Thank you to our senior leaders, Board of Directors and physician leaders who provide oversight in making strategic decisions, ensuring we provide quality care, safeguarding our financial well-being, and staying abreast of health care best practices. They are a group of dedicated and dynamic people who help support health care in Dufferin County-Caledon.

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