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Room Accommodation

We will make every effort possible to provide you with the type of accommodation you request. 

Our patient rooms
  • Standard/ward – three or four beds per room
  • Semi-private – two beds per room
  • Private – one bed per room
When you arrive and register, please let the Registration Clerk know what your preference is, and we will do our best to accommodate it. Your medical needs are our priority, please understand that we may not be able to fulfill your request.

Before you come to the hospital, please check with your additional health insurance coverage to see what level of coverage you have. Some plans will cover the entire cost of private rooms while some will only cover a portion, which means you will need to pay the balance.

We have a limited number of private rooms and priority is given to patients who require additional precautions for a medical condition or infection prevention/management. Please be aware that if you are assigned a private or semi-private room, you may be relocated if another patient’s medical condition requires it. If this happens, you will be given notice and a reasonable explanation. We will do our best to move you to the next available semi-private or private room.

Call bell system
The call bell connects you to the nurses’ station and should be used when you require assistance. Your health care team will show it to you and explain how to use it and your bed controls, when you are admitted. Call bells are allocated in the washroom and showers.

Hourly rounding
Every hour during your stay, a member of your health care team will come to see you. This is to:
  • Check on you and your well-being
  • Monitor your comfort and pain
  • Help you move and change position 
  • Assist with trips to the bathroom
  • Ensure you have everything you need within reach (e.g. glasses)
You will be given a pamphlet during your admission which provides more information on hourly rounding.