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Where to park:
There are two parking lots for patients and visitors to use; one next to the Emergency Department entrance and one next to the main entrance. Signs on Rolling Hills Drive will direct you to whichever once you would like to use.

Designated parking spaces for Dialysis patients are available in the parking lot next to the main entrance.
There are two drop off/pickup spaces located near the main entrance – for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Parking rates:
Parking costs $3.00 for the first 30 minutes and $1.25 for each additional half hour to a daily maximum of $8.00.

Money raised through parking lot revenues is used to fund patient services at the hospital.

Where to find parking ticket machines and parking exit gates:
There are two ticket machines. One in the main lobby of the hospital and one in the front of the medical office buildings located at 140 and 150 Rolling Hills Drive.

There are two parking gates located in the main entrance parking lot, one in the Emergency Department parking lot and one at the medical office buildings.

How to pay:
When you enter the parking lot, push the button on the machine to get a ticket. Please bring that ticket inside with you.

When you are ready to leave, go to the ticket machine in the main lobby and follow the instructions. Ticket machines in the main lobby accept credit card and cash. Once you have paid, you will have 15 minutes to exit the parking lot. Take your ticket with you and insert it into the machine at the parking exit gate.

Alternatively, payment can also be made at the parking exit gate. Ticket machines at the parking exit gate only accept credit card.

Discounted passes:
Patients, families and frequent visitors can purchase 10 passes for $20 at the ticket machine in the main lobby of the hospital or in the front of the medical office buildings. Discounted passes do not expire.

Monthly parking permits for staff, residents, students and volunteers:
It takes at least 24 hours from the time a monthly parking permit request is completed, before it is active in the system.
All staff, medical staff and volunteers must have a hospital issued ID Card. These cards are programmed into the parking system and provide access. To signup or cancel your:
  If you are having trouble with the parking gate or ticket machine:
At the parking exit gate, press the intercom button to speak with an agent and explain your concerns. If the agent cannot resolve your parking concern remotely contact the hospital switchboard at (519) 941.2702 and ask to speak with a member of our Facilities Maintenance Team. If it is outside the hours of 8:00AM and 4:00PM (Monday to Friday) ask to speak with a member of the Security Team.

Access our parking revenues.