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Master Planning

As our communities grow, our health care needs change too. 

The Master Planning multi-step process provides the blueprint for the hospital’s facility redevelopment and service delivery model for our future. It will support how we deliver health care to meet the growing and changing needs in the short and long-term;  up to the next 30 years.   

Clinical Priority Plan 

The Clinical Priority Plan (CPP) is our five-year clinical vision, from 2023 to 2028, identifying which clinical programs and services we need to grow to best meet the needs of the communities we serve. It also highlights ways to optimize our existing infrastructure, partnerships, and collaborations to improve care. 

Master Program 

Creating a Master Program will define the service delivery model that supports our clinical priorities for the longer term. The Master Program is a foundational planning document that outlines the type and extent of health care services to be delivered within the hospital facility, as well as our role within the broader community. The Master Program will project service, staffing and departmental space requirements and identifies the potential needs of the facility over a 30-year period.  Our last Master Program was created in 2005. 

Facility Development Plan 

The Facility Development Plan defines redevelopment of the hospital’s physical infrastructure, guided by the Master Program. Required by the Ministry of Health, our Facility Development Plan is designed to optimize the potential for developing a hospital site and must provide optimum flexibility to adapt to changes in health care needs and service delivery models. It considers both the current needs and the long-term “whole life” perspective of the facility, including characteristics and conditions of the building, civil and environmental design, and municipal and transportation plans. Our last Facility Development Plan was completed in 2005. 

Ministry of Health Hospital Capital Planning Stages 

Any proposed changes to the hospital facilities must go through rigorous stages of provincial approvals, including Ontario Health, Ministry of Health, and more. There are three main stages that unfold over several years – Early Development, Detailed Planning and Construction.  

It is critical to begin work now on our Master Planning to ensure we can maintain and redevelop a facility that can meet the growing needs of our clinical services and community.  Once Master Planning is completed, the next stage is to provide submissions within the Ministry of Health’s Hospital Capital Planning process. 

Community Engagement 

Over the course of 2023, we will share information on the process and platforms that we will use to engage you on this journey.   Staff, physician, patient, family, caregiver, partner and community feedback will be key to our long-term planning success. 

Master Planning is a journey and together we can chart the course for our future.