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Our goal is to work with you, in providing the best possible care, so you can get home and back to living your healthiest life. 

Preparing to leave the hospital

Although you’ve just arrived at the hospital, it’s not too early to think about your smooth transition and recovery at home. Your healthcare team will give you an estimated discharge day to start planning.

Discharge planning is when you, your loved ones and your healthcare team identify what is needed for you to safely return home or back into another setting in the community, for your continued recovery. Then, when it’s time to leave the hospital, you, your family members or caregivers are prepared and know what to expect.
To ensure a smooth transition back home from the hospital, consider the following:
  • Do you have concerns about falls at home?
  • Is there medical equipment you will need to arrange or purchase, such as mobility aids?
  • Will the stairs at home be a challenge?
  • Do you have any concerns about transportation back home?
  • Are there skills you’ll need to learn to take care of yourself?
  • Does your family or caregiver understand your care needs and how best to support you?
It’s important to discuss these questions with your health care team. Please let us know how we can
help you prepare to return home.

You may also request a family meeting with your health care team and loved ones to ensure all support is in place and patient needs are met prior to leaving the hospital.


A member of your care team will tell you when you are going to be able to go home and a note will be made on the whiteboard located near your bedside. It contains important information such as the names of your care team, messages, appointment times and your expected date of discharge. 

This is your board for the duration of your stay. You and your family can use it to write down any questions you may have or any reminders.

Before you leave

Please arrange to be picked up by 10:00AM on the day you are discharged. It is important you leave your room in a timely manner so other patients can be admitted. 

Please let your care team know if you are unable to arrange a ride. Patient transportation services are available for a fee. 

Ensure you have appropriate clothing for going home. If you do not, please arrange to have someone bring what you need.

Your care team will discuss any support, home care services and/or equipment that are being scheduled following your discharge. Please ask if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to visit Patient Accounts in person or online to pay your bill for any charges incurred during your stay. 

When you leave
  • Take all your personal belongings
  • Bring all your medications with you
  • Check-out at the nursing station before you leave the unit. They will remove your patient identification wristband and answer any final questions you may have.

Taxis and public transportation

If you need a taxi to take you home, please let your care team or Switchboard know in advance and someone will arrange for one to pick you up (for a fee). 

There is an Orangeville Transit System bus stop located outside the main Entrance of the hospital. Transit services are provided Monday to Friday from 7:15AM – 8:45PM and Saturday 7:15 – 6:15PM. There is no service on Sundays and holidays.

There are private transfer services available at a cost for patients who need this level of care. This can be arranged with your care team.

Follow-up phone call from the hospital

You may receive a phone call from the hospital around two days after you go home, to ask for feedback on your stay and the quality of your care. This information is very important to help us develop plans for future improvements; we appreciate your participation and any comments you can share if you are called.

Community support 

HHCC operates within the Central West Local Health Integration Network (CW-LHIN). It works with physicians, hospital teams and other health care providers to help people access the care and support they need close to home.HHCC works with physicians, hospital teams and other health care providers to help people access the care and support they need close to home.
Whether you are being discharged from the hospital or seeking health care services in the community we can help assess your needs and develop a customized care plan to help you remain safe and independent.
Please talk to a member of your care team about supports available in the community.