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Give Feedback

Partnering with our patients, families and caregivers
The Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA) in Ontario asks that all hospitals develop a Patient Declaration of Values and an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) with the goal of creating a culture of continues improvement in health care.

Building a culture of collaboration and improvement is not a new goal for HHCC – it is at our core. We know that hearing directly from you about areas we can improve is the best way can we do even better. 

Giving feedback during your stay
Bring your feedback to the attention of those closest to your care; the nurse, physicians or other staff looking after you. In many cases, these people will know the most about your situation and be best able to respond to your feedback.

If you need more support in sharing your feedback, ask to speak with the manager of the department or service area where you received care.

Additionally, you can provide feedback during your stay using integrated bedside terminals – named The Headwaters Hub (or The Hub for short). 

Giving feedback at home
A department manager or service area manager can support you during your stay with us or after you have been discharged.

A member of our Quality Team is also available to receive your feedback – from compliments to concerns they want to hear from you.

The Ontario Patient Ombudsman is available if you have participated in our Patient Relations process and remain unsatisfied with the outcome. 

Getting involved  
Become a volunteer Patient Family Advisor (PFA)! By sharing your experience with us you can help build on the community involvement that already exists at our hospital and ensure that we understand what matters most to you – the people we serve.  


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