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Annual Parking Revenue

Headwaters Health Care Centre is responsible for all costs related to parking facilities, including construction and maintenance.  The Hospital does not receive any funding to support parking operations or infrastructure.

Fees collected from parking at Headwaters will continue to support patient programs and help to cover the operations and maintenance of our parking lots.  The parking fee increase is in alignment with the Hospital Parking Directive.
Parking revenue and expenses for the past two fiscal years are as follows:
  Fiscal 2023/24 Fiscal 2022/23
Revenue $923,087 $716,668
Expenses $545,976 $499,083
Net Revenue $377,111 $217,585

Capital cost of $49,905 was incurred in Fiscal 2023/24.  
No capital cost was incurred in Fiscal 2022/23.

All net parking revenue is reinvested into Hospital operations and facilities costs.