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Headwaters2Home Program supports geriatric patients in their recovery at home

Overcoming adversity: an older adult's journey of resiliency and healing
In the early hours of a January morning, life took an unexpected turn for Tom Porter. A routine trip to the bathroom turned into a cascade of health challenges that would test his resilience and determination.

As he lay on the floor, his leg buckled beneath him, searing pain coursing through his body, he knew something was terribly wrong. Unable to move, his wife Judy called an ambulance. He was taken from his home in Caledon to Headwaters Health Care Centre. 

He was assessed and admitted to hospital due to multiple complications of arthritis, a herniated disc and urological concerns. The medical team sprang into action, inserting a catheter to relieve the pressure on his bladder. What followed was a whirlwind of tests, scans, and assessments, each uncovering new layers of complexity to his condition.

Despite the challenges he faced, there were moments of hope and gratitude. Miraculously, his bladder had not ruptured, sparing him from further complications.

Amidst the pain and uncertainty, he found solace in the care and support of his medical team, who worked tirelessly to set him on the path to recovery, which included physiotherapy before he was discharged from hospital.

As Tom said, “I have a hodgepodge of medical issues, followed by mini miracles all because of my fall. These are all blessings in one form or another.” 

After several days in hospital, he was told about Headwaters2Home, a 16 week-program in partnership with Bayshore HealthCare Integrated Care Solutions (Bayshore) that supports people in their own home with extra supports. He was assessed and admitted to the program.

At home he was supported with regular nursing, physiotherapy, and laboratory visits. Two months after the initial fall that started his health care journey, Tom is now walking with a cane and concentrating on different exercises to strengthen his muscles. His family doctor is involved in his follow-up care. Tom will see a urologist and have an MRI this summer.

As he reflected on his journey, Tom expressed profound gratitude for the countless individuals who had played a role in his recovery.

“To all the amazing team of healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, and staff at Headwaters and Bayshore, my physio support people Disha and Joanna and nursing support, Parneet, Dawn and Sabrina. Thank you for all the care given and received. You are all in our thoughts and prayers for all you do and for all the care and services you do provide on a daily basis. Know that you are truly appreciated,” he added. "I’m looking forward to recovery, but it may take a bit of time before I’m fully recovered.”