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It can be very scary when your child is sick and needs to be in the hospital. On the combined inpatient surgery and Paediatrics Unit at HHCC, we think your family is an important part of the health care team working with us to help your child. We are located on the lower level of the hospital, and we do our best to make this your home away from home during your child’s stay.

The unit provides care for a variety of conditions affecting our paediatric population, such as respiratory illness, diabetes, and cellulitis. We also support patients recovering post operatively from surgeries such as appendectomies and tonsillectomies.  Patients on this unit are cared for by a multi-disciplinary team including a paediatric trained RN.
What to Bring 
Please bring pajamas, a robe, non-slip shoes or slippers, a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, a brush or comb and soap. You can bring any other personal items, like a favorite toy or blanket that your child may need. Please remember diapering supplies and items which support your preferred choice of feeding including breast and bottle. Cell phones and iPad are permitted.

For safety reasons, please do not bring small toys that can be swallowed, and toys that make sparks (friction toys). Some patients, visitors or staff may have an allergy/sensitivity to latex. Latex balloons can also create a safety risk; if they are popped a piece can be accidentally inhaled. Foil balloons are allowed and are available in the Gift Shop in the main lobby. 

Helping to Care for Your Child 
One support person is required to stay with your child while in hospital. You may follow your regular parenting routines such as feeding, bathing and changing. 
If you need to leave the unit for a short period of time, please discuss with the nurse and leave a phone number where you can be reached. 
Paediatrics playroom and family lounges 
Our playrooms and family lounges have a large selection of toys, movies, video games and a Smart TV. They are available to make sure your child has a positive hospital experience. Please ask at the paediatrics nursing station before using the playroom and family lounges. Children who do not have an infectious disease may use these spaces under supervision. Toys that are taken to the bedside should not be returned to the playroom until they have been thoroughly cleaned. 

Staying Overnight 
One parent or designated adult should spend the night with your child. We do ask that TV and lights be turned off at a reasonable hour to encourage as much rest as possible for the children. For comfort a chair that converts to a cot is provided in each room. Please bring a sleeping bag or blanket.

Visiting is limited to two people at a time. We welcome young visitors under the age of 10 but ask that a parent or designated adult be with them. Siblings and friends are encouraged to visit in our newly renovated family lounge to reduce the chances of cross-infection and overcrowding in the patient room. 

Infection Control 
Please do not visit the unit if you have a cough, flu-like symptoms or any other illness that can be easily spread. 

Children’s diseases are often contagious. You may be asked to stay in your child’s assigned room if their condition requires, and not walk in hallways with them. We ask that parents care only for their own child, to prevent cross-infection. 

Your health care team will decide when your child is ready to go home. You will be given specific instructions on the care of your child at home. You may wish to fill any prescriptions at a local drugstore prior to discharge. There is a pharmacy located in the medical clinic [140 Rolling Hills Drive] on hospital property. 

Only parents or people with legal custody may take a child home. All children must be accompanied from the Paediatrics Unit upon discharge. 

The law requires babies and young children who are traveling in a car be in an approved safety car seat.