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When a person’s kidneys stop working they need treatment to keep their body in balance. This is done through a process called dialysis that takes place several times a week. During the treatment, a patient’s blood goes through a special process that removes waste, salt and extra water; keeps a safe level of electrolytes such as potassium and sodium in the blood; and helps to control blood pressure.

Under construction

The Dialysis unit is undergoing a transformation, expanding our ability to treat additional patients by adding more treatment stations. This renovation will support long-term needs, as our community continues to grow. 

Key features of the renovated hemodialysis unit include the following:

  • The newly renovated Hemodialysis unit is returning to its original location on the main level of the hospital within the Ambulatory Care wing. The unit will have direct access from a patient drop-off area adjacent to the hospital. 
  • Hemodialysis will have the capacity to expand to 9 stations, capable of treating up to 54 patients annually. To support the longer-term needs of the community, the unit will have the capacity for future expansion to 12 active stations that will support up to 72 patients in total.
  • Brand-new water treatment room for water purification and a technical workroom to support monitoring and maintenance of the water treatment system and the Hemodialysis machines.
  • New in-floor scale, designed to be level with the floor, ensuring both safety and ease of use for patients.
  • New ergonomic and comfortable treatment chairs with customizable features for each patient. A renewed layout brings in more natural light.
  • Please excuse the construction noise as we prepare to get even better. 


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FAQs: Headwaters’ hemodialysis renovation

I’m concerned about the noise from the construction activity. 
Headwaters is always committed to patient and staff safety.  However, we understand that the noise disruption will be unpleasant. 
We are continually monitoring noise levels for everyone’s safety and comfort. We appreciate your patience during this stage of construction.   
Ear plugs are available at the Ambulatory Care entrance. 
When is construction going to be completed? 
Construction is scheduled for completion in the Summer 2024. 
How do I register for my appointment during construction? 
Ambulatory Care patients will continue to register at the Welcome Centre before proceeding to their appointment within Ambulatory Care. There is no change to registration for hemodialysis patients, located at Switchboard. 
If you require assistance, please speak with a volunteer upon arrival.   
Will my appointment be cancelled or changed due to the renovation construction? 
There will be minimal changes to appointment dates. However, the renovation construction will temporarily affect waiting areas and Ambulatory Care clinic locations. Patients and families will be provided with directions upon registration. 
Why is the patient drop-off parking closed? 
For the safety of patients, visitors and staff, the drop-off parking near the Ambulatory Care entrance is temporarily closed to accommodate the construction activity. 
Instead, please enter through the main doors and into the Joan and Paul Waetcher Welcome Centre.  
How will Headwaters be ensuring safety during construction activity, e.g. dust management?  
We have processes in place to ensure safety for all.  This includes limiting access to the renovation area to only the construction crew, and implementing strict controls to air filtration and seals to limit dirt and dust being circulated to other areas of the hospital.


Please use the main hospital entrance for all patient registration, drop-off and entry.   

The former patient drop-off area will be closed for your safety to accommodate the construction. 

Temporary walls and access doors will be installed to keep everyone safe during construction.  

Volunteers are on duty in the Ambulatory Care wing to help guide or transport you to the treatment area. If you require assistance, please just ask and our wonderful volunteer team will assist you in finding your way.

Your appointment

Please park in the main parking lot, there are designated dialysis parking spaces in this lot. If you require the use of one of these spaces, please speak with your nurse to obtain a parking permit. 

When you arrive at the Joan and Paul Waechter Welcome Centre main entry, please register at Switchboard. You will be provided with a patient identification lanyard when you reach the unit, in place of an armband identification, please wear this at all times during your treatment to ensure safe care.

As we anticipate for the renovation to be completed, all patients receiving dialysis in our temporary space are required to be able to transfer to a chair with minimal assistance and have the ability to dialysis in an all chair environment. Our team (Nephrologists, Nurses, Social Worker, Dieticians and PSW’s) are partnered and work closely with our Regional Renal Center, William Osler Health System to ensure quality dialysis and kidney care.