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A home away from home

When a person’s kidneys stop working they need treatment to keep their body in balance. This is done through a process called dialysis that takes place several times a week.

During the treatment, a patient’s blood goes through a special process that removes waste, salt and extra water; keeps a safe level of certain chemical such as potassium and sodium in the blood; and helps to control blood pressure.

The Dialysis Unit at HHCC is undergoing a transformation, while we await the renovation to start on our new space, we are currently located in our temporary unit on the lower level. The unit can accommodate 6 patients at a time and provides dialysis treatments to medically stable community residents by our nephrology certified nursing team.

All patients receiving dialysis in our temporary space are required to be able to transfer to a chair with minimal assistance and have the ability to dialysis in an all chair environment. Our team (Nephrologists, Nurses, Social Worker, Dieticians and PSW’s) are partnered and work closely with our Regional Renal Center, William Osler Health System to ensure quality dialysis and kidney care.

Your appointment

Please park in the main parking lot, there are designated dialysis parking spaces in this lot. If you require the use of one of these spaces, please speak with your nurse to obtain a parking permit. Cars can also stop in the drop off area outside of the Ambulatory Care doors. Dialysis patients are eligible for a reduced monthly rate available at Swtichboard.

Kiosks are provided in the Ambulatory Care area for registration for pre-booked appointments for Dialysis patients. Please use the kiosk to register for your appointment when you arrive. In order to provide safe quality care, you must be registered in our system each time you come. You will be provided with a patient identification lanyard when you reach the unit, in place of an armband identification, please wear this at all times during your treatment to ensure safe care.

Volunteers are on duty in the Ambulatory Care wing to help guide or transport you to the treatment area. If you require assistance, please just ask and our wonderful volunteer team will assist you to finding your way.