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RN, Sara Charnley, Receives the Regional Award for Excellence in Vascular Access Management & Infusion

Headwaters' nurse-led Ultrasound Guided PICC insertion program improves patient access to life-saving treatments.

Sara Charnley, RN, along with RN, Terry MacDonald, spearheaded Headwaters' nurse-led Ultrasound Guided PICC insertion program six months ago. After receiving specialized training from other hospitals and BD, they developed the program locally, offering PICC line referral services. With approximately 50 PICC line insertions completed since its inception, the program has enhanced patient access to life-saving treatments like IV fluids, blood, and saline. 

Terry nominated Sara for the Excellence in Vascular Access Management & Infusion award through the Canadian Vascular Access Association.  

Sara's contributions to developing policies, procedures, and medical directives, along with her creation of practical insertion guides and checklists, set up the team for success. Her moral support has also been invaluable to the team.  

Accepting the Regional Award on May 15th, Sara expressed her gratitude and highlighted her enjoyment in being part of the central vascular access nursing group.  

With over 31 years of nursing experience, Sara found her passion in PICC line insertion, considering it a perfect match for her skills and interests. Collaborating closely with Terry, whose ICU background complements Sara's expertise, they've formed an effective team. 

“We talk one another through it. We bring each other up. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. We are the perfect team,” said Sara.  

Sara emphasizes the importance of local access to vascular services, reducing the need for patients to travel to larger centers for treatment.  

Looking ahead, the team is exploring additional vascular services they can provide locally, marking this as just the beginning of their journey.