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Meet Harman, Patient Companion Volunteer

Harman is one of our student volunteers gaining invaluable experience at Headwaters.

Harman, one of our student volunteers, chooses Headwaters because of the career growth opportunities, ability to build her knowledge in health care, and contribute to positive outcomes. 

How long have you volunteered at Headwaters? 

I have been volunteering as a Patient Companion Volunteer at Headwaters Health Care Centre since September 2023 in the E-wing. 


What made you want to get involved with Headwaters, and how did you hear about us? 

I am studying at Georgian College, Orangeville campus to become a social worker and I love talking to people. I completed my placement at TeleCheck and from there I got connected to Headwaters. I thought that a hospital would be a good opportunity to volunteer for more experience.  


What do you do as a Patient Companion? 

As a patient companion volunteer, I visit and talk with patients in their rooms or sometimes in their common area. I take them for the recreational activities if they are interested in doing something specific. Whatever the task, my ultimate goal is to make patients feel relaxed and have an enjoyable experience. 


Can you tell us about a positive patient experience you contributed to? 

There was one patient who calls me one of her best friends, as she would talk with me for hours. She always used to wait for my arrival every Monday and Tuesday. As I got to know her more, I learned that she is very interested in playing piano and singing. I often brought her to the Multifaith Centre where she enjoyed playing the piano and we sang together, which always gave her a lot of joy.   


What are three things you love about your volunteer/employment with Headwaters? 

  1. The foremost thing I love is the work environment. 

  1. The other interesting fact is that I get to know a lot of people every day and who are in the field of health care, which broadens my knowledge. Volunteering at hospital helps me to learn how to interact and support different patients. 

  1. And the last but not the least, sometimes when I meet people from my own community, I can help with language translations to support interactions between patient and staff or physicians. 


What is one surprising thing others may not know about your volunteering at Headwaters? 

I would say that the Headwaters has been wonderful and the best experience I could have ever have. The skills that I have learned here will definitely help me a lot in my future, such as communication, cooperation and interpersonal skills. 


What is a misconception or myth about your volunteering at Headwaters you wish to dispel? 

We might hear people saying that the hospital work environment is not good and too hectic but I will completely contest this myth by saying that the staff are really supportive and optimistic about every situation. 

If someone is interested in volunteering at Headwaters, what piece of advice would you share? 

I would definitely say yes! Tell anyone to go for this opportunity as there could be no better experience than the hospital.  

If you are a student like me, I would encourage you to go talk to nurses and the social workers who have dedicated their careers working in this field. 

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