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Abera's Story

Our students are boosting innovation.

Abera is a graduate student in the Masters of Health Informatics Program at the University of Waterloo who is participating in a 4-month placement at HHCC.

Abera, along with our Decision Support team, is looking at how we can strengthen our business intelligence with all the information we gather within the hospital. She is developing standardized reports and corporate dashboards using analytical software tools that take our information and establish trends. This will transition our data from manual inputs to digital forecasts that we can use to provide even better care.

We are passionate about training and education at HHCC and pleased to say that many students that learn here eventually choose to work here. Abera is 1 of 116 students we have welcomed over the past year.

Abera commutes from Toronto to Orangeville and really likes the acute-community setting at HHCC. Abera said “The people are so welcoming, and everyone knows each other. Being a student, surrounded by people who have been here for as long as they have, has really strengthened my knowledge of community hospitals.”

Ranvinder, Manager of Health Information Management and Decision Support said “Our partnership with the University of Waterloo is bringing innovation to HHCC. Students, like Abera, look at things from a fresh perspective, share ideas for improvement and engage our hospital in initiatives.”

Abera will be graduating this summer after seven years in post-secondary studies. We are proud to have been part of her academic journey and wish her much success.