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Apr 29, 2024

Press release: Guiding exceptional patient experience at Headwaters

(Orangeville, Ontario) April 29, 2024 - Headwaters’ new Patient Experience Framework is the master plan of our commitment to high quality, patient-centred care. The framework guides how we create an exceptional patient experience strategy throughout the organization.   

The Patient Experience Framework is made by and for Headwaters patients, providing a formal structure by which exceptional patient experience is defined, measured, and delivered. The outcomes of the framework lead to overall improved patient experiences.  

The framework is built upon our foundations, which includes governance and leadership support, 24/7 high quality care, engaged teams, patient and community collaboration and partnership, and patient-focused quality improvement.  

As a result of the foundations at work, we have identified six growth opportunities that can enhance Headwaters’ patient experience.  These opportunities will focus on:  

Patient and family voice 

  • We will expand our Patient and Family Advisory Partnership, embedding their voice through major initiatives, and use of modern survey tools to measure and track patient and family interactions and care to help us improve the patient journey. 

Quality and clinical excellence  

  • We will continue to refine protocols for staff to better communicate with patients and families, supporting their decision-making participation.

Equitable care  

  • We will identify how patients and families can be supported with accessible and ethnoculturally relevant and appropriate resources. 

Policy improvement and measurement  

  • We will use our patient experience data to drive action and improvement in care delivery. 

Staff engagement and development   

  • We will provide opportunities for staff to attend service excellence training, mentorship and other educational programs to strengthen the patient's experience. 


  • We will create patient-friendly access to technology and information through new tools and programs. 

Learn more about sharing your Headwaters’ patient experience, or transform your patient experience as a Patient and Family Advisor



“Everyone at Headwaters has a role to play in creating exceptional patient experiences. We are dedicated to building a strong patient-centric approach throughout Headwaters, from every area of care to each patient experience. As we look ahead to a new year and expand our Patient and Family Advisory Partnership, I am confident that our patients, families and caregivers will see even more of their voices represented in how Headwaters cares for them.”  

--Annette Jones, Vice President, Patient Experience, Health Integration & Chief Nursing Executive


“Developing exceptional patient care is the tide that lifts all boats. When patients, families and caregivers voice their concerns, they play an active role in shaping their healthcare journey. We take your feedback very seriously to ensure continuous quality improvement that patients can expect at Headwaters.”  

--Juliann McArthur, Manager, Patient Experience Office  


“Drawing from my family's firsthand experiences at Headwaters, I have the privilege of serving as a Patient and Family Advisor. This partnership between patient and hospital empowers me to collaborate with Headwaters' management team, utilizing our collective insights to identify and execute on areas of growth and improvement. Patient and Family Advisors like me play a critical role to drive positive change for the best possible care.”  

--Shane Moores, Co-chair, Patient and Family Advisory Partnership 


About Headwaters Health Care Centre  

Headwaters Health Care Centre is an innovative hospital located in Orangeville, Ontario dedicated to quality patient-centred care together with our community in Dufferin County-Caledon. In addition to providing acute and complex continuing care with a 24/7 Emergency Department, and extensive Ambulatory Care outpatient services, Headwaters is accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada, certified as a Breast Assessment Centre by the Ontario Breast Screening Program, and will be offering MRI services in 2024.Headwaters is a cornerstone of health and wellness for the communities it serves. It is one of the area's largest employers with over 800 staff, 200 physicians and six midwives and benefits from the dedication of over 200 volunteers.  


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Headwaters is also a proud partner in the Hills of Headwaters Collaborative Ontario Health Team.  


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