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Spiritual Care

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We are committed to providing care that considers a person’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs. 


Members of the Spiritual Care team provide a supportive, listening presence to patients, families, caregivers and staff.  
Spiritual care volunteers respond with compassion to emotional and spiritual distress and help others engage in the process of spiritual renewal and understanding. They help in the search for meaning, purpose and value during a hospital stay.   

Spiritual care volunteers respond with emotional and spiritual support, providing a compassionate, caring presence and empathetic listening ear. The team gives individuals an opportunity to explore the spiritual significance and meaning of illness, suffering and life transitions in a respectful way, with sensitivity to cultural, spiritual and religious diversity. 

If patients would like a visit from a spiritual care volunteer: 

  • Respond “yes” when asked if you would like spiritual care during your stay. This usually happens when you are admitted to your bed. 
  • Ask a care team member to contact Spiritual Care on your behalf. 
  • Call the Spiritual Care Office at (519) 941.2702 x2710 

Patients can also directly request a visit from their spiritual leader while in hospital.  
In addition, the hospital Multi-Faith Centre is located on the lower level of the hospital and is open to patients, families and caregivers always for prayer, meditation and reflection.