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The Laboratory at HHCC performs almost one million tests each year. We offer diagnostic testing and services in disciplines such as clinical chemistry, hematology, transfusion medicine, microbiology and pathology. Our IQMH (Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare) accredited lab adheres to the strictest standards to ensure the timely and accurate release of results to our clinicians.
Our lab technicians and technologists are specially trained health care professionals who perform a variety of tasks. They may see patients to collect specimens, conduct tests on specimens in the lab, analyze and report on the results of those tests. An estimated 70 – 80% of all clinical decisions are based upon the data we provide.
We serve patients who come to the hospital for both ambulatory care and inpatient services.
If your doctor has given you a requisition for any lab tests, please have them done at a lab in the community. Your doctor’s office can give you a list of these locations.