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Breast Assessment Centre

As a certified Ontario Breast Assessment Centre, Headwaters Health Care Centre’s Breast Assessment program offers patients the complete circle of care in breast health, closer to home. From testing to diagnosis to treatment, patients are supported and cared for by dedicated health team of diagnostic imaging technologists, radiologists and surgeons through our Breast Diagnostic Assessment Program.

Breast assessment services available at Headwaters:

Headwaters proudly supports Hills of Headwaters Collaborative Ontario Health Team's Preventing Cancer initiative for regular screening in order to detect and treat cancer early. Learn more about screening to prevent cancer.

Breast health patient journey 

As part of regular screenings to improve early detection, a patient will begin by having a self-screened mammogram. Any abnormalities seen will result in a patient call from our Breast Imaging team to schedule a diagnostic mammogram. This is performed by our technologists. Further testing may be requested by the physician, such as breast ultrasound or biopsies, conducted by our radiologists. All of these appointments can be made more efficient through auto-referrals between Headwater’s booking system and the physician’s office. If breast surgery is required, a general surgeon will be ready to operate on the patient, followed by optional reconstructive surgery by a plastic surgeon.

Once these procedures have been completed, the breast health team will continue to conduct follow-ups with the patient through oncology referral care at William Osler Health System. Throughout this entire journey, our patients are supported by Headwater’s caring breast health team.