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Turning a stressful situation into a beautiful, heartwarming experience

When Kaitlyn’s seven-month-old son Rhett suffered from a persistent fever she feared for the worst.
She made an appointment with her family doctor who recommended that she get a viral swab done as well as a COVID-19 test.

Children under the age of two can only be tested in an Emergency Department so Kaitlyn immediately drove with her son from East Garafraxa to Headwaters Health Care Centre.

“The minute we walked through the front doors we were greeted and treated with nothing but kindness, smiles and compassion,” recalled Kaitlyn.

While they were waiting to be seen, a paramedic from Dufferin County Paramedic Service brought an elderly patient in by wheelchair. Rhett was sitting on the floor and Kaitlyn was trying to keep him comfortable.

After admitting the patient, the paramedic returned and crouched down beside Kaitlyn and her son; bringing with him a small stuffed turtle. The paramedic explained that it was a brand-new unused toy and asked if he could give it to Rhett. Kaitlyn agreed.

Turning to Rhett the paramedic said, “Here buddy, can you take care of him for me?” The smile on Rhett’s face was a sight to be seen.

A stressful situation turned into a beautiful, heartwarming experience.

Kaitlyn and Rhett were in the hospital for several hours and came across many members of the HHCC team including Environmental Services staff, Lab Technicians, Nurses and Doctors. Not once did they encounter a bad experience even when Rhett wanted to have ‘Baby Shark’ play on loop on Kaitlyn’s phone.

“The screener at the Emergency Department entrance was so sweet, the Triage Nurse was an absolute delight; she explained everything and was so slow and gentle with him. The Registration Clerks were so friendly! Rhett was giving them all kinds of smiles and they couldn’t help but laugh,” recalled Kaitlyn.

Rhett is back to his old happy and hyper self. His COVID-19 test and viral swabs both came back negative. The poor guy was just battling a bad cold. 

 “There are some pretty amazing people in our community. Rhett hasn’t put that turtle down since we got home,” shared Kaitlyn.