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Supporting the whole person

Pamela, a local educator, became a volunteer Spiritual Care Chaplain five years ago.
Coming from a long line of family members who have volunteered at our hospital, as well as having given birth to two of her three children here, Pamela knew this was where she wanted to give back.

“My mother is a Spiritual Care Chaplain and my father was previously the Chair of the Board. After seeing how energized my mother was from volunteering, I decided it was a calling I wanted to follow,” said Pamela.

Members of our Spiritual Care team provide a supportive, listening presence to patients, families, caregivers, and staff. They help find meaning, purpose and value during some of life’s most challenging moments.

When asked what experience impacted Pamela most over the years, she shared a time when she was invited to sit with a patient in palliative care and her family. After the patient’s children shared special memories of their mother, Pamela asked if she could lead them in prayer.

“I remember holding the patient’s hand as her family gathered around the bed. I spoke a few simple words and her spirit moved on. This was a profound experience; being in a room filled with love as the spirit moved onto the next stage was a gift,” recalled Pamela.

Pamela was thankful to be part of the family’s inner circle at such an intimate and difficult time.

“Being a Chaplain is a completely rewarding experience. Honestly, you leave your rounds feeling uplifted and blessed to have been given the opportunity to connect with others,” said Pamela.

It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to ensure we are supporting not only the physical needs of those we serve but their emotional and spiritual needs as well.

“Pamela is completely committed to helping wherever she can. Watching her interactions with patients, families, caregivers and staff is a blessing. All of the Chaplains are amazing,” said Diane, Spiritual Care Coordinator.

When Pamela visits our Obstetrics department and sees the painted fish on the wall with her children’s name on them, she is reminded of one of the reasons why she chose our hospital as the place to volunteer.

“Being a Spiritual Care Chaplain is an inspiring job. It isn’t for everyone. It is a calling that seeks you out. Giving back through volunteering is a way of life I was raised with and is a value I hope I have passed on to my own children,” said Pamela.

Thank you, Pamela, and the entire Spiritual Care team, for helping us support the whole person.

Photo caption: Pamela, Spiritual Care Chaplain, who helps us care for the spiritual needs of our patients.