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Apr 07, 2020

Open Letter to the Community

We are all at the beginning of the battle with this virus. This hospital, this community, this region, this Province requires of us, and in fact, demands of us, to work together to get through this.

For those of us who are in positions where we care for people, we need to use our personal protective equipment appropriately and continue to uphold infection control standards. We all need to heed the guidance of physical distancing and hand washing. When we return home, we should continue to practice social distancing and other public health guidelines.

Every aspect of our lives has changed. Just think about the last time you went to the grocery store. You could get angry and frustrated waiting six feet apart outside, but I would encourage you to look beyond, and realize this inconvenience is an attempt to protect you, your family and your community, in the best way possible.

You may also be aware, many processes within Headwaters are changing. Just look at the Operating Room, Diagnostic Imaging and Ambulatory Care to name a few. As well, at all healthcare facilities outside of this hospital, such as long-term care and physician offices, the model of care has changed to fit this unprecedented time. We are all working together, to adapt, as new information is provided to us and then to share that information with our patients in a timely way.

Change is difficult. I understand why people are scared. Sir Winston Churchill said, “fear is a reaction, courage is a decision”. We need to have the courage to stand together and fight this virus, together. You can react with fear and anger when you find out your routine for vital services, whether that be at the grocery store, pharmacy or Headwaters, has changed…or you can decide to try to understand why that might be, raise concerns collaboratively and join the team to fight this together.

I can tell you, I remain as confident today as I have been throughout this time, that all these changes at Headwaters are made in the best interest of the patients and this community. I am also confident these changes are carefully planned with collaborative input from all caregivers, shared with individual patients, and do not jeopardize care or threaten life. I trust each and every one of these physicians with my life. Literally.

I have worked as a physician in this community for over 25 years. I have watched countless times as these physicians have had the courage to change their practice, with the goal of providing the best possible care given the local circumstances. Rest assured, they have acted in the best interest of patients and this community.

Your local healthcare community, within the hospital, including nursing, midwifery and allied healthcare, as well as the family physician offices in the community, realized many weeks ago that our best chance, our ONLY chance, was for the medical staff to stand together…and we have done this.

Thank you for the support you have shown us, as we lead you straight in to this battle.


Peter Cino, MD

Chief of Staff, Headwaters Health Care Centre
& Anesthesiologist