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Nov 25, 2019

Construction Update November 22

The Joan and Paul Waechter Welcome Centre at Headwaters Health Care Centre

What happened last week (November 15 - 22)
  • The construction team continues installing structural support beams for the new stairs.
  • Drywall for the new gift shop is complete!
  • Air conditioning units have been installed in the new space.
  • The hoarding was pulled back to give us the temporary Auxiliary Café space we have been anxiously awaiting. The Café is set to open Monday serving coffee and a small selection of pre-packaged baked goods.
  • New lighting for the lobby is also being installed.
Weekly Shout Outs!
Thank you to the Facilities and Maintenance team at the hospital for their continued support for all areas of the project. This team has been phenomenal in addressing and taking care of a lot of behind the scenes work ahead of construction and during. This hospital would not function without you!

What to expect
  • Drywall continues to go up over this next week.
  • Structural support for the new safer and accessible staircase and concrete pouring.
  • Access into the Physician’s Lounge, Auxiliary Office and Women’s Change Room to do electrical and plumbing work.
  • Temporary café, managed by the Auxiliary, will open Monday and will be serving coffee and some pre-packaged baked goods.
When to expect
  • Nov 22nd – Nov 29th – some low level noise as the construction teams prepare the stairwell area for the pouring of cement. Access into the Physician’s Lounge, Women’s Change Room and Auxiliary Office. Notice will be provided prior to work beginning.
  • Temporary café opening Nov 25th .
HN Construction hours of operation
The construction crew and the sub-trades work on site 6:00am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday

Construction Benefits
Headwaters patients and their families will experience a new one-stop shop with respect to arrival, registration and bill payment, supported by self-service kiosks and centralized registration.

The lobby will include a new, more accessible entryway, a new information desk, expanded waiting areas, a therapeutic and fully accessible outdoor space, a re-designed gift shop and café and a new safer and more accommodating central staircase.

These renovations are being funded through donations to the Headwaters Health Care Foundation and the Headwaters Health Care Auxiliary.

The lobby and main entrance will be named The Joan and Paul Waechter Welcome Centre, in honor of local residents, Joan and Paul Waechter’s cumulative giving to Headwaters Health Care Centre.

Questions about Construction?
Please feel free to email if you have questions about the improvements underway at your local hospital.