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Jan 08, 2020

Construction Update January 8

The Joan and Paul Waechter Welcome Centre at Headwaters Health Care Centre

What happened for the weeks of (December 23 - January 8)
  • The construction sub-contractors have finished painting of the newly renovated areas.
  • Pebble flooring has been installed around the staircase where they filled in the circular opening. 
  • Extra hoarding in the lower level areas has been removed as work is complete.
  • We anticipate a slight delay in the completion of construction. We expect to know more detail soon.
  • Renovation to the Switchboard and ED Registration area is expected to begin by mid-month. 
What to expect
  • HN Construction will continue working on the finishes as part of the final stages of construction completion.
  • Begin construction of the Switchboard and ED Registration area later this month.
HN Construction hours of operation
The construction crew and the sub-trades work on site 6:00am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and sometimes on the weekends.
Construction Benefits
Headwaters patients and their families will experience a new one-stop shop with respect to arrival, registration and bill payment, supported by self-service kiosks and centralized registration.

The lobby will include a new, more accessible entryway, a new information desk, expanded waiting areas, a therapeutic and fully accessible outdoor space, a re-designed gift shop and café and a new safer and more accommodating central staircase.

These renovations are being funded through donations to the Headwaters Health Care Foundation and the Headwaters Health Care Auxiliary.

The lobby and main entrance will be named The Joan and Paul Waechter Welcome Centre, in honor of local residents, Joan and Paul Waechter’s cumulative giving to Headwaters Health Care Centre.

Questions about Construction?
Please feel free to email if you have questions about the improvements underway at your local hospital.