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Mar 20, 2020

COVID-19 Bulletin: March 20, 2020

What we know 
The Province of Ontario has now officially declared a State of Emergency regarding COVID-19.  The health of everyone at Headwaters and providing a safe environment remains our top priority. The following provides a weekly update from our hospital: 
  • On March 15, we received notice of our first lab-confirmed case of COVID-19.  
  • We have made changes to our Cafeteria services until further notice including:  
    • There will be no daily specials. 
    • No self-serve coffee, tea or soup. 
    • Staff must ensure a maximum of 2 people per table with space in between. 
  • Entry points into the hospital are now limited to Ambulatory Care and the Emergency Department. 
  • Enhanced staff, patient and visitor screening is now in effect. 
  • Parking gates will remain open and visitor parking fees are no longer in effect until further notice. 
  • Patient bedside telephones are being activated free of charge to enable them to contact loved ones during this difficult time. 
  • Visitor access has changed. We are implementing a ‘one essential visitor’ policy; which will allow one visitor to accompany/visit a patient at a time.   
  • We have implemented processes to align with new directive for Heath Care Workers who have travelled outside Canada within the last 14 days self-isolate for a 14 day period starting from their arrival in Ontario.  
  • Our Patients Accounts Office is temporarily closed. Bill payments can be mailed in or made online at:
  • Switchboard will no longer be accepting cash at this time 
  • The directive for PPE for probable or confirmed COVID-19 patients is for droplet and contact precautions except aerosol generating medical procedures (when N95 masks are required).    
    Our N95 mask supply is very low and we are asking everyone to use them ONLY when required. 
Assessment Centre 
Our COVID-19 Assessment Centre is now up and running. 

The COVID-19 Assessment Centre is open, operating from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days a week and is staffed by local family physicians and team members from home and community care, primary care and the hospital. It is a self-contained, semi-permanent, hard-sided tent located at the top parking lot at 140 Rolling Hills Drive. People drive through and are assessed in their cars. Walk-ins also accepted. 

Read our FAQ 
View the announcement 
Take a virtual tour 
We understand that many of you have questions about COVID-19 including: 
  • What is the most up-to-date case definition for COVID-19? 
  • What does social distancing mean? 
    • This is a term used to broadly describe limiting overall volumes and interactions of people. We are limiting visitors including volunteers and students. We are using remote technologies and teleconferencing to reduce the number of people congregating together. We have also modified our seating in the Cafeteria. 
  • Will everyone who comes to the COVID-19 Assessment Centre be tested? 
    • No. We are following guidelines from the Ministry of Health. The means not everyone will be tested. It will be determined through a combination of Ministry guidelines and clinical assessment. 
More questions and answers are available on our website. 

As COVID-19 evolves, the World Health Organization is providing up-to-date information on daily basis via their website.  

Ontario is also taking steps to inform the public on the status of the virus across the province via their website.  
This information includes the number of cases currently under investigation; and the number of confirmed positive, negative and re-solved cases.  

At Headwaters, we have developed a dedicated page on our website for COVID-19.  

Here are some useful links to information sources:  
Policies and procedures 
World Health Organization 
Ministry of Health 
Public Health Ontario 
Ontario Hospital Association