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Most of all I am humbled

A thoughtful reflection on being redeployed during the pandemic.
With the onset of the third wave of the pandemic, our Headwaters Heroes were called upon once more to step up and support areas in our hospital in critical need.

Our team assembled additional patient beds to accept transfers from other overburdened hospitals in our region and we needed clinical and non-clinical team members to support those spaces.

Thomas was one member of the team who immediately volunteered to help. Thomas is a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician, in this role he ensures that all equipment needed for surgeries are properly sterilized and ready for use.

When the Ministry of Health directed all hospitals to ramp down elective surgeries and non-emergency/non-urgent acute care activities in April 2021 (the second directive of its kind since the onset of the pandemic), this meant that Thomas’ function would be impacted.

Thomas had capacity to jump in and help our Emergency Department as a Multi-Skilled Worker. Thomas keeps the department stocked, porters patients and acts as a nurse’s aide. This is a role familiar to Thomas, as he performed it just over three years ago before joining the Medical Device Reprocessing Team.

“I may not be able to save lives or make a patient’s pain go away but I am grateful to be able to do everything in my power to make their day a little easier,” said Thomas.

It takes tremendous courage to move for a team you know and a role you love to work side by side with a team you hardly know.

“Most of all I am humbled. My job in the Medical Device Reprocessing Department is in the back halls of the hospital and it is easy to forget how hard our staff work to keep this hospital running smoothly. Our entire team goes above the call of duty; from Environmental Services to Nursing and everyone in between,” said Thomas.

With the uncertainly of this pandemic, it is unclear how long Thomas will be a Multi-Skilled Worker in our Emergency Department. We are incredibly grateful for his courage and willingness to help.

Photo caption: Thomas, MDRD Technician.