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COVID CHRONICLES : We’ve had to work out new ways to keep our sense of camaraderie and teamwork healthy

Sara, Manager, Finance & Reporting
In the beginning of the pandemic our Finance team was provided with a work from home option. Much of our work was possible from remote locations and I am really grateful to have had that option available to me.

Before the pandemic our work would be done face-to-face, either within our department or other areas of service at the hospital. I had never considered how it could be done virtually but will all of the health and social restrictions I had to rethink the way I worked and how my team interacted.

We are one big integrated team in Finance; even sharing this story doesn’t feel like my story but rather the story of my entire team.

At the onset of the pandemic, we would meet every two-weeks as a team, but we didn’t all have webcams and half of our team was new to Headwaters. Out a team of 9 only 4 have worked here since before the pandemic.

Our bi-weekly meetings felt too formal and structured for us all to really interact naturally. I found that adding some team building exercises (fun time!) made a huge difference in helping us laugh and get to know one another, which is so important.

A team member came forward with a wonderful suggestion of adding a short ‘coffee break’ on the weeks that we don’t meet for our bi-weekly team meeting. This has provided another chance to connect and talk about what is going on in our lives.

Since being able to return onsite we have kept our meetings virtual to ensure we are practicing social distancing and adhering to infection prevention protocols. Our virtual meetings don’t feel much different than when we’re all in the same room – we are a connected team and one I am proud to be part of.

Team meetings have become the highlight of my work week. I am glad that our unconventional methods also helped to successfully train and support our new team members.

My hope is that we can look back on the pandemic and focus on everything we have overcome and everything we have learnt.

Photo caption: Sara, Manager, Finance & Reporting