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Big surprises often come in small packages and sometimes when you least expect it!

“It felt like a movie.”
Families often rely on a birth plan when they’re expecting a new baby. That was the case with Stephanie Sant and her husband Jeff Van Noort who were expecting their second child later this month.

On May 4, with very little warning, Stephanie started to have contractions and she quickly alerted her mother to come take care of their two-year old son, Tommy.  Their new baby would be arriving that day for sure.

They began their 35-minute drive to Headwaters Health Care Centre for the delivery.

However, Stephanie said as they got closer, she realized they might not make it. Her water broke just minutes from the hospital on Highway 10. At the traffic light between Highways 10 and 9, she told her husband that she was having major contractions and needed to push.  

Tommy managed to get to the hospital safely. He parked just outside the Ambulatory Care entrance where staff were lined-up, waiting to be screened before starting their shift.

“I heard a vehicle pull up and then heard people yelling loudly,” said Karla Bell, an RPN in Day Surgery at HHCC. “I looked over, saw a man get out and saw what was going on. I took my coat off, grabbed some gloves and went over to help them.”

It all happened very quickly. With one or two strong pushes, little baby Molly was born with the assistance of her dad and Karla, in her parent’s car just before 7:00 am. She was wrapped in a sweater and warmed up.

Within minutes, nursing staff from the Emergency Department as well as a physician had arrived with a stretcher and blankets. The trio were taken to the Obstetrical unit where Molly and Stephanie were cared for overnight.

“It felt like a movie,” said Stephanie. “The care we got that day was great. I had great care there as well the first time I delivered, and everyone was wonderful and I knew some of the doctors from before.”

The family is back at home, enjoying their new family member, Molly, who weighed in at 6lbs 11ounces and was 19 inches long!

As for Karla, she said never had this much excitement in her 35- year nursing career.

Thanks also goes out to the Emergency Department staff and physician, to the Obstetrical team, Hospital Service Coordinator, switchboard staff and screener who also helped that day!

“We wish the family well and are so happy this adventure had a happy ending,” said Kim Delahunt. “I’m also very proud of our team who came together in a crisis – fully living up to our values of courage and teamwork.”