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HHCC and its community partners have implemented a new Musculoskeletal (MSK) Central Intake, Assessment and Management program for patients with moderate to severe hip and knee osteoarthrosis. This is part of a province-wide approach to streamline referral and create Rapid Access Clinics (RAC) for hip and knee joint replacement across Ontario.

The goal of this program is to:
  • Achieve shorter wait times for patients by providing timely, comprehensive assessments with advanced practice providers who have additional advanced education and clinical expertise 
  • Improve communications between patients, primary care providers and surgeons
  • Enhance support for patients who are not surgical candidates to help them manage their condition
Under this referral process, primary care physicians will send their referrals for hip and knee osteoarthritis through the Central Intake Program for RAC assessment.

Our goal is to call patients with an appointment date and time within two weeks of receiving a doctor’s referral. The appointment will take place in the newly renovated Ambulatory Care Centre at Headwaters with an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist.

Access the Central West Hip/Knee Osteoarthrosis RAC referral form