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Emergency Services of the SATP

When you come to HHCC Emergency Department after being the victim of domestic violence and/or sexual assault we want to help you in every way.

Emotional Care
A specially trained Sexual Assault Treatment Program (SATP) nurse will be called to help you and will provide emotional care, including crisis counselling as needed. If you would like, we can call a friend, relative or victim assistance volunteer to  stay with you for emotional support.

Medical Care
Medical Care will include an examination, and treatment of any physical injury as well as preventative treatment for STDs (sexually transmitted disease) and pregnancy, if appropriate.

Physical Evidence
For patients considering possible legal action, the collection of physical evidence can be undertaken by the SATP nurse and/ or SATP physician. A kit for forensic purposes can be completed if the assault occurred within the last 72 to 96 hours (case dependent) or 24 hours for patients less than 13 years of age.
Police will be notified by the SATP at the direction of the patient. (Even if you are uncertain about calling the police it is a good idea to let SATP collect physical evidence of the assault, which will be frozen. This way, you can change your mind later about pursuing legal action.) Police and The Children's Aid must be notified in all cases involving children.