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Complex Continuing Care

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People with chronic health conditions or multi-system diseases (like diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions or stroke) may need special treatment or health care on an ongoing but irregular basis. Our inpatient multi-disciplinary team focuses on assessment, treatment and care to help our patients regain independence and function, so they may enjoy the best quality of life possible.
We work closely with our patients and their families to design a program that meets their unique needs. A plan of care will be determined, and our health care team provides ongoing feedback on progress being made toward meeting the goals that are set.
At HHCC, we support our complex continuing care patients through three programs:

Complex continuing care 
Some complex care needs for adults can’t be met in the community or a long-term care home. This program offers assessments; integrated care planning, including discharge; diagnostic and therapeutic services; and support for families from a team of health professionals in different professions who work together with the patient. 

Palliative care 
This program is for people who are living with a life-limiting illness, which is usually in an advanced stage. Our focus at HHCC is on care and compassion. We offer a supportive team approach for our patients and their families. Our top priority is helping our patients manage pain and other distressing symptoms. 

Slow stream rehabilitation
Sometimes people are not able to manage aggressive rehab programs that are common after many illnesses and injury. When a patient needs more time and a more gradual approach, our team offers what is called slow stream rehabilitation to improve functional ability, level of independence and quality of life.