When You Are Discharged

Please start by checking out our Patient Information Services Guide online at http://www.patientdirectory.ca/  or by clicking HERE.

Your physician will determine the day of discharge. Before you leave the hospital, you will receive instructions about medications, convalescent care, and any follow-up treatment from members of your health care team.

Please pay any charges when you check out at the Patient Accounts Office located in Rehabilitation. If you required a taxi, there is a direct line that you may use located in the Emergency Department area.

A discharge planner or nurse will meet with the patient while they are still in the hospital to discuss their discharge plan. The hospital’s Discharge Planner can provide information on:
  • community support
  • rehabilitation services
  • home care referrals
  • information and/or application to Long Term Care facilities, if required
  • medical equipment
  • respite care
  • palliative care
  • care giver relief
When you plan to leave the hospital, please consider the most appropriate transportation to return to your home. If transportation services are required please ask your nurse for a list of local patient transfer companies, for which the patient will be billed directly.

Through Caledon Community Services, Dufferin County Community Support Services and the Home at Last program residents have access to transportation services. If the patient can ride in a vehicle, friends and family can drive them home after discharge.

Home at Last
There are many times when patients are medically ready for discharge but are unable to leave the hospital because they don't have the appropriate supports in place. CANES Home Support Services is the lead agency for the program, which co-ordinates personal care and support, and transportation services provided by community partner agencies. Through Home at Last, patients have the right care to help them get home from hospital sooner.

For patients at Headwaters Health Care Centre
  • Trained Personal Support Workers meet the patient at the hospital
  • Transportation is provided to accompany the patient home
  • Stop at a pharmacy to fill prescription and grocery store for basic groceries
  • Prepare a cup of tea or a meal
  • Provide the assistance the client needs to be comfortable
  • Remain until client is settled at home
How to Request Service

Patients, family members and healthcare professionals may call CANES Home Support Services directly at 1-877-212-2637, or speak with your hospital discharge planner at 519-941-2702 ext. 2501.

The service is available seven days a week, 8 am - 8 pm. The program is available free of charge and is funded through the Central West Local Health Integration Network.

Visit the CANES website www.canes.on.ca for more information on their services.