What to bring if you’re a patient

What to bring if you’re a patient
Please bring the following items with you for your inpatient stay or appointment:

Always bring:
  • Your Ontario health card and 1 piece of photo ID
  • Children need to bring their birth certificate and Ontario Health Card
  • Insurance information for covering the costs of private or semi-private rooms, please bring the certificate, which shows the name of the insurance company
  • A credit card for incidental expenses (toiletry packs, telephone, television rental, etc.)
  • A list of any medications, vitamins and herbal supplements that you are taking. Please bring your medications in their original container
  • Someone who may be able to interpret for you if English is not your first language. Headwaters may arrange for an interpretation service, although you may feel more comfortable having a friend or loved one help you.
If you are being admitted as an inpatient bring:
  • If you are undergoing a hospital procedure and will be admitted, please have a family member bring your personal items with them once you are in your room after your operation.
  • Fragrance-free or low fragrance toiletries including toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and cream, hand soap, shampoo, tissues, deodorant, as well as a comb or brush. Toiletry packs are available for sale.
  • Nightgown or cotton pyjamas with a button-down top, slippers and a housecoat
  • You may also want to bring reading material, a battery-operated radio or laptop (wireless access is available at Orangeville site)
  • Headwaters’ offers wireless connectivity for patients and visitors while in hospital. Laptops must be wireless to connect to the Internet. The hospital cannot be responsible for the security of your laptop should you choose to bring it.
When you come to the hospital please bring all the medications, or a list of your medications, that you are currently taking. Include those you buy without a prescription and all herbal remedies. Any allergies to medication, or adverse reactions which you have experienced to drugs, should be discussed with your physician. After the physician has seen your medication, it can be sent home with your family. If your medication cannot be sent home during your stay in the hospital, it will be kept for you at the patient care station.

Only medications ordered by your attending physician will be given to you during your hospital stay. A pharmacist is available to provide you with information on your medication. Please click here to view the medication checklist.

Please note that:
  • Mylar or foil balloons are safe and are permitted inside the hospital.
  • We ask you bring fragrance-free products in consideration of other patients and care providers who may have allergies.
  • Certified assistance dogs for people with a disability are permitted in the hospital.
Please do not bring:
  • Valuables (such as jewellery or large sums of cash)
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes - smoking is not allowed on hospital grounds
  • For safety reasons electrical appliances such as hair dryers, rechargeable or electric razors and plug-in radios and personal televisions are not permitted.
  • Latex balloons are not allowed in the hospital, as they can cause severe health issues for those with latex allergies.