Spiritual Care

Headwaters Health Care Centre affirms the right of all patients to care that considers their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Why offer Spiritual Care?
Spirituality can be defined as the art of making connections. When we make spiritual connections, we acknowledge that the spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of our being nourish each other. While this holistic understanding is important each day of our life, it is critical during times of illness. Various studies, along with anecdotal evidence, confirm that outcomes can be better when hospitals recognize and accommodate spiritual needs in the care of patients. Since each patient has a unique spiritual history, the spiritual caregiver (or chaplain) may help individuals identify and form spiritual connections that bring hope, peace and meaning.

The Role of the Chaplain
Chaplains often find that, in times of illness, people have a desire to explore spiritual resources that they might have forgotten or ignored. Others come to the hospital with a faith that is strong and find help in articulating this faith to a chaplain.

Chaplains listen while patients and families express their fears or concerns. They are trained to reflect back and respond to what they have heard in a supportive manner. Chaplains may use sacred and inspirational readings, as well as the ministry of reflective prayer to help individuals identify and connect with spiritual resources. It can bring immense strength and comfort to a patient or family member, to hear their needs spoken of in prayer.

The ministry of Chaplains includes:
  • On-call spiritual support during times of sudden grief, trauma or crisis
  • Follow-up on referrals
  • Assessment of patients during daily visit in the different patient care centers
  • Support for patients

Link with Faith Communities
The Spiritual Care program facilitates the ministry of faith communities to patients identify with those faith traditions.
How to arrange a visit from Spiritual Care or a chaplain?
Please inform a member of your health care team or contact Spiritual Care at 519-941-2702 x.2710.
Does Headwaters Health Care Centre have a chapel?
The chapel is located on the lower level of the hospital and is open to patients and families at all times for prayer, reflection and meditation.
What other spiritual care resources are available?
Please click HERE to access "Caring for my Spirit: A Gift for my Family and Friends", a resource dedicated to helping you and/or loved ones develop advance directives for your spiritual care. For a French version, please click HERE.
How can I become a volunteer chaplain?
Please click HERE for more information about how you can become at volunteer chaplain at Headwaters Health Care Centre. 
For more information, please contact our Spiritual Care at: 
(519) 941-2702 Ext. 2710