Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

In 2010, the Ontario Government passed the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), laying the foundation for a unified committment to a shared vision for quality in Ontario where the needs of the patients come first. 

he legislation requires that every health care organization (currently defined under the Public Hospitals Act) develop an annual quality improvement plan and make it available to the public. For more information please visit: www.ontario.ca/excellentcare.
2017-2018 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)
In 2014, the Central West Community Care Access Centre (CW CCAC), Headwaters Health Care Centre (Headwaters) and William Osler Health System (Osler) committed to an innovative partnership to integrate non-clinical (administration or back-office) support functions across the three organizations. This cross-sector partnership is the first of its kind in the Province and will accelerate a regional approach to planning to support the delivery of quality, timely health care services to those we serve.
Our quality improvement plans (QIPs) reflect this bold, new partnership and present a more in-depth and systematic approach to setting improvement targets and developing change initiatives. Our QIPs also highlight key strategies for quality improvement within our organizations and across our local health care system and are key components of our comprehensive quality programs.

Collectively we have placed patients at the core of our strategies to help create consistently exceptional patient experiences. Together, we will work to enhance the safety and effectiveness of the system as a whole, through our innovative practices and focused QIPs.
How to Read the Quality Improvement Plan:

Our QIP is made up of two parts:
  1. A document that provides a brief overview of our quality improvement plan, highlighting and listing our hospital’s top priorities for the year (also called a short form or narrative).
  2. A spreadsheet that includes our improvement targets and initiatives. Health Quality Ontario (HQO) has requested that all similar hospitals report on a series of core indicators to support province-wide comparisons. The core indicators that apply to our hospital are reflected in our QIP. Not all indicators apply to all hospitals since some organizations do not meet the reporting threshold. In these cases, you will see "N/A".

Our Quality Improvement Plan for 2017/2018:

  • Click HERE to view Headwaters 2017-18 QIP (Short Form)
  • Click HERE to view Headwaters 2017-18 QIP Part 2 (Workplan)
  • Click HERE to view Headwaters 2016-17 QIP Progress Report