Patient Safety
What is Headwaters Health Care Centre doing to improve patient safety?
Ensuring patient safety is fundamental to high quality healthcare. At Headwaters Health Care Centre our Board of Directors and Management Team believe providing safe, quality healthcare to our patients is not only a top priority, but a value that we uphold every day. Our patients are at the centre of our care.
Headwaters participates in and has implemented a number of innovative safety initiatives. The patient and their family are valued members of the healthcare team. We welcome and promote conversations between our patients and staff and aim to involve everyone in patient care and in creating a safer healthcare environment.
Wait Times
We are actively participating with the Ontario Government in managing wait times for specific surgeries and diagnostic testing. To see Headwaters Health Care Centre’s Emergency Department wait times, click here.  For all other wait times, click here.

Infection Control Reporting
Headwaters Health Care Centre takes your care and your safety very seriously, and we are committed to transparency. The health and safety of patients and staff is our first priority. We wish to let the community know that the risk is low for those coming to the hospital for procedures and treatments.
Falls Prevention
Published studies in healthcare show that many people are at risk for falling when hospitalized for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the changes being implemented at Headwaters include:
  • Identifying patients and alerting the care team when someone is at risk for falling.
  • Installing non-slip flooring
Hand Hygiene
The best way to stop the spread of germs at work, home or in the hospital is for you, your visitors and your care providers to practice good hand hygiene. Good hand hygiene means washing your hands with soap and water or using a waterless, alcohol-based hand gel or foam product to clean your hands. Hand cleaning stations are located in the entrances and on the units.
Patient Wandering System (Wanderguard)
Wanderguard is an electronic patient departure alert system used to reduce wandering and improve patient safety. The system is also used in Obstetrics to alert staff if an infant is removed from the unit to reduce the risk of an infant abduction.
Your Healthcare Be Involved
This initiative, developed by the Ontario Hospital Association, provides patients with five tips to engage and encourage them to be more involved in their healthcare. The initiative is guided by the concept of patient empowerment and on the important role patients can play at each stage in their care.   Please click here to read more.