Listening to our Patients and Families

At Headwaters, we understand that an excellent patient experience involves the delivery of safe, high-quality care, delivered with compassion.   

Our definition of Patient Experience is informed by the work done through the Beryl Institute:
The sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization's culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care. 
Patient Experience at Headwaters is guided by our Vision, Mission, Values and the strategic priorities outlined in our 2017-18 Strategic Priorities.
Help Us Serve the Community Even Better:
Become a Headwaters Patient and Family Advisor

What is a patient and family advisor? A patient experience advisor is someone who:


  • Has had a recent experience (usually within 3 years) of being a patient, or the family member of a patient, and is partnering with staff and physicians to provide direct input into policies, programs and practices which affect patient care and services.   
  • Wants to help improve the quality of our hospital’s care for all patients and family members by ensuring the voice of the patient is heard and influences planning and decision making on issues that affect patient care
  • Volunteers his or her time
  • Provides a voice that represents all patients and families of those receiving care at Headwaters Health Care Centre

Being a patient and family advisory may be a good match with your skills and experiences if you are: 

  •         Respectful of others and their perspectives
  •        Comfortable speaking in a group and interacting with others
  •         A good listener
  •         Able to use your personal experience constructively
  •         Able to see beyond your own experience to the ‘big picture’
  •         Non-judgmental
  •         Positive
  •         Collaborative
  •         Desiring to participate in bringing about meaningful change
  •         Desiring to expand your knowledge and skills
  •         Able to maintain confidentiality of patient and organizational information

What do patient and family advisors do?

Headwaters Health Care Centre uses patient and family advisors in the following ways:

  •        Participate in committee work to influence decision making
  •         Review or help create educational or informational materials
  •         Work on short term projects

If you are interested in volunteering as a Patient Family Advisor please complete the Expression of Interest Form below. You will be contacted within 15 business days by the Quality Coordinator. Alternatively if you wish to ask any questions about the PFA role please contact: Sharon Hendry, Quality Coordinator 519-941-2410 ext. 2576 or email

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I understand that, as a Patient & Family Advisor, I would be accountable to the Quality Committee of the Board: 
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