Spiritual Care Volunteers

What is Spiritual Care?
Members of the Spiritual Care team are available to provide a supportive and listening service. The purpose is to help patients and their families identify and connect with sources of hope, strength and inspiration.  Spiritual Care is available to help those who are experiencing the stresses that come with illness or injury.
Spiritual Care at Headwaters
Spiritual Care at Headwaters is provided by dedicated volunteers. Qualified lay people serve under the direction of the Spiritual Care Program.
  • They are involved in spiritual care in the hospital setting.
  • They meet with patients, families and staff, helping them to identify and access spiritual resources that will bring hope, comfort and a sense of meaning.
  • Provide a spiritual connection and a friendly, listening presence for patients.
  • They enjoy rich fellowship with dedicated men and women who are involved in this ministry.
  • Lay Chaplains are considered part of the multi-disciplinary health care team. As such, they are held to a high standard of conduct and a rigorous screening process.
Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one day each month, in one (or both) of the following roles. As daily chaplains, volunteers provide a supportive, listening presence in the hospital units for a minimum of two hours. As on-call chaplains, volunteers are available for a specific 24-hour period to attend in the event of a crisis or emergency, when the need for pastoral care is identified.

When does training take place?
Training normally takes place every eighteen months, alternating between Spring and Fall.

What are the qualifications?
  1. Past volunteer or work experience in lay pastoral ministry and/or related work.
  2. Membership/association with, and endorsement/reference from clergy or authorized individual of, a recognized Canadian Faith Group. 
  3. Demonstrated competencies for pastoral care visitation.
    • Spiritual/Emotional maturity.
    • Able to maintain confidentiality.
    • Good Listening skills
    • Compassionate nature.
  4. Two additional references that confirm these competencies.
  5. Related education preferred but not required.
  6. Able to participate fully in training program.
  7. Police background check (to be obtained following acceptance into program)
  8. Availability: at least once a month.


A Multi Faith Program
Headwaters Health Care Centre affirms the fundamental right of patients/families to care that respects their spiritual values. All applicants to the Spiritual Care program must affirm their acceptance of Multi-Faith/Patient-Centered Principles. They understand that they represent the Spiritual Care program, not their individual faith communities. Cultural, ethnic and religious values and preferences will be identified and accommodated whenever possible.

Still Interested?
If you believe you have the skills, experience and spiritual maturity to be a part of this vital ministry, you are invited to contact our office.

Rev. Barbara Moulton
Headwaters Health Care Centre
100 Rolling Hills Drive
Orangeville, ON L9W 4X9
(519) 941-2702 Ext. 2710