About Our Auxiliary

Our Auxiliary operates much the same way as any efficient organization. It has a Board of Elected Officers, and these Board members are volunteers who are willing to share their experience and are committed to work many hours for the benefit of the hospital and its patients. We have General Meetings on the last Friday of March and September and an Annual General Meeting in May to review the past year and set the course of action for the future. Our Christmas Luncheon is held in December each year.
The Headwaters Health Care Auxiliary is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, screening, placement, and recognition of volunteers. Every effort is made to assign volunteers in positions reflecting their interests and needs, as well as the needs of the Headwaters Health Care Centre. We have volunteer positions during weekdays, evenings and weekends.
Our Auxiliary is an integral part of the hospital. Members help to organize fundraising events and they work in areas such as the Gift Shop and Coffee Bar. Funds from all our fundraising activities are used to purchase medical equipment for the hospital.
Each of the service areas has its own Convener to supervise the volunteer staffing and to ensure the smooth operation of that service. A record is kept of the hours each volunteer puts in at the hospital. Every volunteer is assigned a code which they use to log in at the Information Desk at the beginning of their volunteer shift and logs out when they leave. Volunteers must wear the appropriate attire (Auxiliary Smock, Vest, Shirt or Scrubs) during their shifts.     
  1. Application Form:  Application forms are available for pick up at the hospital or downloaded. Applications can be submitted in person at the Auxiliary office every Tuesday afternoon from 1pm-3pm (interviews are conducted at the time of application - read below for more details).
  2. Interview:  A volunteer Coordinator is in the Auxiliary office every Tuesday afternoon starting at 1 pm to accept application forms and conduct interviews.  If you are unable to attend a Tuesday afternoon session, please contact the Auxiliary office at (519) 941-2410 ext. 2268 and alternate arrangements can be made. Together we will try to find a suitable placement you based on your interests, skills, availability and the needs of the placement area/program. Uniforms must be purchased prior to start of initial shift. They range in price from $20.00 - $30.00 depending on the style chosen, and in the case of students, the cost of the uniform will be reimbursed if returned within 3 months.  Volunteers will be provided with a hospital tour and issued with a hospital I.D. card as well as a parking pass.  Volunteers are required to provide in writing, confirmation of a Police Record with the vulnerable population (You will be provided with a written request for this).  All Volunteers must provide documentation that they have completed a two-step tuberculosis (TB) skin test and that they have immunity against rubella (German Measles), Red Measles and Chicken Pox. 
  3. Training: Your Convener or an experienced volunteer in the area to which you have been assigned will provide you with specific training.  Your training will not be scheduled until you have your I.D. card and uniform.
Click here to print off an application form.