Headwaters Health Care Centre has one full-time ophthalmologist to meet the eye health needs of our community. Dr. Ray Seto performs eye surgery to treat conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma. A referral from an optometrist or family physician is required.

Through community support, the Ophthalmology department has purchased an SLT Duet Laser, used for cataract surgery and in the treatment of glaucoma; an Integre Photocoagulation System that can repair tears in or detachments of the retina, which often occur due to head or eye trauma; as well as instruments used during delicate eye surgeries.
Headwaters is participating in the provincial Wait Time Strategy for cataract procedures. With financial assistance from the province, Dr. Seto can perform over 650 cataract procedures annually. Prior to Dr. Seto's arrival in 2003, almost all patients with cataracts had to travel out of the community to receive care.

*A wait time is measured from the time the surgery is booked to the time that the procedure is completed.
The province reports on wait times every two months on the ministry website: http://www.health.gov.on.ca/transformation/wait_times/public/wt_public_mn.html

Headwaters has one of the shortest wait times in the province.
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