MyChart™ is a free, secure online tool providing patients and designated family members and partners-in care at Headwaters Health Care Centre access to medical records and personal health information. Using your computer or device web browser, MyChart™ users can easily view test results, summaries and other health information.

If you have not received a PIN and would like to signup for MyChart™ click here. 
If you have received a PIN and are ready to complete your enrollment click here.
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Frequently Asked Questions 
What is MyChart™?
MyChart™ is a secure website where patients can create and manage their personal health information based on clinical and personal details. MyChart™ has over 110,000 users a including patients, family members, care givers, clinicians and decision makers who have been granted access by patients using the portal.
Who has access to MyChart™?
Only patients who have completed the registration process will have access to personal health information in MyChart™. However, registered patients can electronically grant access to family caregivers, hospital clinicians, primary care physicians, Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) and pharmacists. This can be done through the “Share My Records” section found in the menu bar.
Why should I use MyChart™?
MyChart™ provides you with a central place to access selected medical and personal health information, which can help you better monitor your health status and play an active role in care decisions. You can also share access to your MyChart™ account with clinicians to help multiple health care providers remain informed your their health.
How can I access MyChart™?
MyChart™ is accessible from anywhere at any time through the Internet. Once registration is complete, you can log in to review your personal health information by clicking here.
What information can I access through MyChart™?
 At present, you can self-enter the following information:
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Procedures
  • Medications
  • Chronic conditions
  • Test dates
You will also be able to access the following test results from Headwaters:
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Core Lab Results
  • Clinician notes
The data noted above is available only for appointments held after March 14, 2019.
How secure is health information in MyChart™?
MyChart™ is secured through the same encryption technologies used by the major banks for online banking.
How can I begin using MyChart™?
During your next appointment, provide your personal email address to the registration staff or at a kiosk. A link to a
secure website and a PIN will be emailed to you where you will be able to register your account MyChart™. Simply follow the steps on screen to complete your registration.
If you do not have an appointment, you can sign up for an account by completing this online form or contacting us by phone at (519) 941.2410 x2208.
Can I view my health information from other health care organizations that use MyChart™?
Presently, only information from your Headwaters medical record is available though MyChart™. 
What happens if I lose or forget my password?
 If you lose or forget your password, you can reset it by clicking the “forgot password” link on the MyChart™ login page.
Who do I contact for inquiries related to MyChart™?
Contact us by phone at (519) 941.2410 x2208 or via email at
Headwaters Innovators

MyChart™ was made possible from the generous contributions of Headwaters Innovators; a group of supporters who make a two year commitment to Headwaters Health Care Foundation. By pooling together the annual commitment from each Innovator, the group has the opportunity to decide which high-priority project to fund at Headwaters. MyChart™ was selected in 2016.
For more information please contact our Foundation Office at (519) 941.2702 x2309. 
Sign-Up For MyChart™
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