Hospital Policies

Accessibility Policy
HHCC's Accessibility Policy describes the measures that Headwaters Health Care Centre (hereafter referred to as Headwaters) has taken in the past year to remove and prevent barriers for persons with disabilities, including patients and their family members, staff, health care practitioners, volunteers and members of the community. The plan also identifies the measures Headwaters will take in the coming year to continue our progress toward removing barriers for persons with disabilities.
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Latex Balloons Policy
Due to allergies latex balloons are not permitted in the hospital. Choose mylar balloons instead.

Scent-free Policy
In support of our commitment to health promotion and a healthy and safe environment, Headwaters Health Care Centre maintains a scent free policy. Patients, visitors, employees, medical staff and volunteers in our hospital are requested to refrain from the use of scented perfumes, deodorants, after-shave lotions and other scented personal hygiene products. Scented products contain certain chemicals that trigger symptoms in people with migraine headaches, allergies, and asthma and other respiratory disorders - sometimes requiring emergency treatment.

When sending/bringing flowers or bouquets to patients choose low-scent flowers. Strong scented flowers NOT allowed include freesia, lilacs, lavenders, lilies, hyacinth and peonies.
Pet Visitation Policy
Effective September 2013, dogs registered for personal and pet therapy are permitted to visit Headwaters Health Care Center (Headwaters). Please review Headwaters Pet Visitation Policy before bringing your registered dog to the hospital:
  • All handlers must be registered with the activationist or designate. When at the hospital, handlers are required to wear a dog visitation bandana or dog therapy vest. The bandana or vest must be returned to the activationist when the visit is complete.
  • A copy of the dog’s current vaccination record must be provided to the activationist or designate upon registration. Dogs must also be clean and well groomed.
  • Where possible, dogs should be brought into the hospital in carrying cages. All uncaged dogs must be on a standard leash, six feet in length or shorter, with a plain, flat collar or harness at all times. Choke chains, slip collars, pinch collars, extending leashes, chain leashes or Halti/Promise/Gentle Leader collars are NOT permitted.
  • Dogs on a raw food diet are not permitted at Headwaters.
  • One dog is permitted per handler.The handler must clean their hands as they enter and exit the patient rooms/spaces.
  • Handlers must always be in control of their dog and discourage dogs from licking patients, taking treats and retrieving objects from the floor. Please respect allergies, fears and other concerns – always ask permission prior to allowing the dog to visit patients.
  • Dogs are not permitted in obstetrics, the intensive care unit, isolation rooms or on patient’s beds.
  • If a patient asks for assistance, please advise a staff member of the request. Do not attempt to lift or move a person at any time.
  • Handlers must conduct themselves in a professional and respectable manner. This means maintaining confidentiality of patients and refraining from discussing a patient’s condition to others. Please share concerns with a staff member.  
Smoke-free policy
Headwaters Health Care Centre is committed to demonstrating leadership in health promotion and disease prevention. As of May 31, 2007, Headwaters Health Care Centre is smoke-free on all hospital property. Smoking is not allowed inside the hospital or outside on hospital grounds, including the gardens, parking lots, vehicles, the medical clinic, the Rolling Hills Child Care Centre, and the sidewalks and roadways within the boundaries of both hospital sites.

Wireless internet policy
Thanks to a generous donation, Headwaters Health Care Centre offers free wireless access. Users are asked to refrain from accessing sites that contain offensive or harassing content or images. The computers provided for paediatric patients are loaded with Net Nanny content watch software. The hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment. Protect your valuables.