Health Records

Accessing Your Patient Record

Health Records is the department that collects and stores health information on every visit you make to the hospital for care. Your record contains all the health care team assessments, results of tests and treatments, which were completed during your stay.

Specific attention is paid to ensure that your information is held in confidence and only shared with those professionals involved in your care. This information will only be released to third parties, such as insurance companies or lawyers, when we receive your written consent.

Guidelines for Access to Patient Information:

To access patient information in accordance with legislative requirements we require a written authorization containing the following:
  • Your name or the name of the patient
  • Patient's date of birth
  • Reason for the request
  • The type of information required and treatment dates if possible
  • The name and address of the person you wish the information sent to
  • The authorization must be signed, dated and witnessed
If the patient is under 16 years of age, the parent/ legal guardian must sign the authorization.

Please mail, fax, or drop-off your request. The legislation, the Ontario Public Hospitals Act, governing the release of health information mandates a “written request signed by the patient”. We cannot accept e-mail requests.

Our mailing address is:
100 Rolling Hills Drive
Orangeville, Ontario
L9W 4X9

Fax number is (519) 941-7025

Our office hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. You may contact the health records department at (519) 941-2702 ext. 2256 if you have specific enquiries. There will usually be an administrative fee for copies of records. You will be given access to your record within 30 days.