Follow-up Services of the SATP

The patient will receive a checklist of treatment received and information on follow-up services. Information on sexual assault issues, STD’s, community resources, legal support services and shelters will also be included. The SATP Social Worker will contact the patient following treatment (with their permission) to assess the patient's emotional/ physical well-being and to discuss services available to meet their specific needs.

Medical Follow-Up
Patients will be encouraged to return to their family physician or physician of their choice for follow-up care.

If the patient agrees, a counselling referral will be made to Family Transition Place (FTP) for sexual assault counselling. FTP will contact the patient. Individuals who have not used the hospital service may also contact FTP for counselling. Appropriate referrals will also be arranged for age and gender specific cases, and for those people who reside outside of this area by the program's social worker. Counselling for children will be arranged through Dufferin Child & Family Services. The social worker also routinely contacts patients as part of a regular follow-up.

An important function of the SATP is to provide education to professional and community groups on medical and psychological aspects of sexual assault.