Why Volunteer at Headwaters Health Care Centre?

Because it is a great way to…
  1. Meet new people and gain new experiences
  2. Give back to your community
  3. Help others and share your knowledge and abilities
  4. Learn new skills and use those you already have 
  5. Experience a new career option 
  6. Add meaning to your life 
  7. Put your free time to good use and make a difference
  8. Gain valuable job experience, particularly if you are interested in a career in a medical field
Any adult or youth (minimum 16 years old) who:
  1. Is in good physical health and is sincerely interested in working in a health care setting. 
  2. Is willing to give of his or her time to benefit our Hospital and Community. 
  3. Can commit to an “agreed-upon shift” – could be one or more regularly scheduled half day(s) per week /biweekly / monthly, a few months per year, or special events/projects.  
  4. Is able to work as a team player.  
  5. Has demonstrated that he/she is enthusiastic, reliable and responsible.
  6. Is serious about making a volunteer commitment. 
PLEASE NOTE: Student Volunteers must be at least 18 years old in order to work in areas providing Patient Care.
Click here to print off an application form. Applications can be submitted in person at the Auxiliary office every Tuesday afternoon from 1pm-3pm (interviews are conducted at the time of application. If you are unable to attend a Tuesday afternoon session, please contact the Auxiliary office at (519) 941-2410 ext. 2268. 
For more information on the application process and volunteer requirements, please visit the About Us section.