Dufferin County Paramedic Services

Headwaters Health Care Centre is the License holder of the Dufferin County Paramedic Service and has been a provider of land ambulance for more than 30 years.

The Service operates with 3 stations, with the Headquarters located in Orangeville at 325 Blind Line and Satellite Stations at Rintoul Street in Shelburne and Main Street North in Grand Valley. Dufferin County Paramedic Service provides 24-hour emergency coverage, seven days a week at all Stations.

The entire catchment area is served by an enhanced 911 System for emergency calls. 

Dufferin County Paramedic Service serves the County of Dufferin, the east tip of Wellington County and the southeast edge of Grey County. The Service has a staff of 32 full time, 19 part-time, 1 Director, 1 District Supervisor and 1 Administrative Assistant. Presently, we have 8 fully equipped ambulances and 1 EFR (Emergency First Response Unit).

The Dufferin County Paramedic Service primarily utilizes Headwaters Health Care Centre in Orangeville but due to the large catchment area we serve, patients are transported to a number of surrounding hospitals, depending on the condition of the patient when assessed by the Ambulance Paramedics and which hospital is closest to their location. It should be noted that the Ambulance Act states the “Emergency Patients will be Transported to the Closest Appropriate Hospital”. The word “Appropriate” in the legislation does allow us some flexibility in considering which hospital their Family Physician is associated with, patient records, etc. Preference by crews and patients are treated as requests only, as the Central Ambulance Communication Centre has the final decision on the patient’s destination.

Dufferin County Paramedic Service works closely with the Emergency Services Committee at Headwaters Health Care Centre and the Centre for Paramedic Education & Research (CPER) in Hamilton.

The Dufferin County Paramedic Service provides Defibrillation, Symptom Relief and I.V. Therapy on all vehicles and Advanced Care Paramedics on selected vehicles. A new Community Paramedic Program launched by Dufferin County Paramedic Service, in partnership with the Central West LHIN and Headwaters, is making it easier for seniors, the disabled and people with chronic illnesses to get the care they need. To learn more about Dufferin County's Community Paramedic Program, please click HERE.

The Board Members, The County of Dufferin, Physicians and Administration of the Headwaters Health Care Corporation should be commended for their support and commitment to this very worthwhile program. Currently, more than 70% of our full time Paramedics are certified at the Advanced Care level.

If you have any questions regarding Dufferin County Paramedic Service or require any assistance contact:

Tom Reid, Chief
Dufferin County Paramedic Service