Domestic and Sexual Assault

Sunrise Program for Domestic and Sexual Assault (DASA)
In 1990 Headwaters Health Care Centre was designated as a Sexual Assault Centre. The program was expanded to include domestic violence in 2001. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care provides annual operating funding to run these programs.

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The Sunrise Centre for domestic and sexual assault
The Sunrise Centre is located at the Headwaters Orangeville site. Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse can attend with their support person and/or children, be examined, treated, and if they wish provide a video statement to police in a quiet, non-threatening environment. The centre was designed in consultation with local police and community groups.

The Sunrise Centre has its own entrance to ensure privacy.

The Centre has an examination/treatment room that provides a non-clinical environment with a bathroom and shower. Individual toiletries are provided to the survivor.

The interview room has a computer, digital camera, recording, and video equipment to record a statement and document physical injuries should they exist.

Should the survivor bring children along, the Sunrise Centre has an area for children equipped with a television, VCR, computer to play games, and a reading area. A volunteer will be available to sit with the children while the survivor is being examined and interviewed.

What is the Sexual Assault Treatment Program?
The Sexual Assault Treatment Program (SATP) has been established at the Headwaters Orangeville site to respond to the need of any victim of a recent sexual assault (female/male). The SATP provides prompt, confidential, and individualized care to victims of recent sexual assaults. This service is provided at the Emergency Department and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.