Complex Continuing Care

To serve our complex continuing care patients, we offer three programs:
  • Complex continuing care – for adults whose on-going complex care needs cannot currently be met in the community or in a long-term care home. The program provides interdisciplinary assessments; integrated care planning, including discharge; diagnostic and therapeutic interventions; and support for families.
  • Palliative care - for individuals who are living with a life-threatening illness, usually at an advanced stage. At Headwaters we focus on care and compassion and provide a supportive team approach to include patient and family. Managing pain and other distressing symptoms is our top priority.
  • Slow stream rehabilitation – we offer a slow stream rehabilitation program to improve functional ability, level of independence and quality of life.
We work with our patients to design a program that meets their needs. A plan of care will include individual goals and our health care team will provide on-going feedback on progress toward the goals set.