Articulation - Development of Speech Sounds
 Age  Sound Development
 6-12 months
  • child uses a variety of vowels when vocalizing (3-6 months)
  • child babbles with several consonant sounds e.g. muhmuhmuh, dadada, bababa (6-9 months)
  • child strings several different consonants together when babbling e.g. “gaduhba” (9-12 months)
 1-2 years
  •  by two years of age child uses 9 consonant sounds in words
  • imitates some words accurately
  • “n,m,p,b,t,d,h,y,w” sounds used in words
  • by two years of age people understand approximately 50% of what your child says
  • common errors include-
  • leaving sounds off ends of words e.g. “da” for ‘dog’
  • sound substitutions e.g. “wing” for ‘ring’
  • deleting syllables in long words e.g. “tephone” for 'telephone'
 2-3 years
  •  people can understand 75% of what your child says
  • “k,g,f” now being used
 3-4 years
  •  “s,z" blends (e.g. spoon, star) now being used
 4-5 years
  •  sh,ch, j, l, l" blends (e.g. plane, clock, fly) now being used
 It is considered normal for a child not to be using the “r, th, v” sounds as a preschooler. These sounds typically develop by 6-7 years of age.