February 22, 2017

Baby Friendly Initiative and Certification

As part of our Vision of an Exceptional Experience Every Time, we are proud to provide a safe, supportive, baby- and breastfeeding-friendly environment for our patients and staff. Working towards best practices for our breastfeeding families and how we support healthy choices for families, in 2016 a multidisciplinary group was developed to review the rationale for going Baby-Friendly and to gather hospital wide representation to begin the process of achieving Baby-Friendly Certification. 
The research evidence that supports the Baby Friendly Initiative also supports the best care practices for the mother-baby dyad care that is also being supported and endorsed by the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMH), and is the standard of care those caring for mothers and babies should be striving for day-to-day. The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative was launched to assist countries to support and protect breastfeeding and safe nutritional practices for infants and young children. The process of certification is anticipated to take up to two years, and to be completed and achieved in 2018.