Family Practice Clinic

Headwaters Health Care Centre offers a 7,200 square ft., family practice clinic and a medical specialist clinic offering a “turnkey” operation adjacent to the hospital.

A Modern State-of-the-Art Facility
The clinic physicians are part of an integrated Family Health Network to Family Health Organization and the Dufferin Area Family Health Team. Services are provided at the central clinic in Orangeville with a satellites offices in Grand Valley.

When working in the clinic, a physician is provided with three examination rooms. The rooms are allocated on a day-to-day basis. Each examination room is fully equipped to act as an independent room for patient treatment, and includes a computer workstation.
In addition, shared space in the clinic includes the following:
  • Waiting room
  • Staff room with a workstation for each physician
  • Reception
  • Nursing stations
  • Lab collection station
  • Restrooms (2 female, 2 male)
  • Storage
  • Multi-purpose rooms to allow other health care professionals to work on site
Another 7,000 square feet on the lower accommodates a pharmacy and several obstetricians, surgeons and internists in the specialist area Family Health Team administrators and providers.

Although the building is owned by the hospital, the hospital’s role is limited to that of landlord and is not involved in the regular operations of the clinic. A Management Committee of physicians and a clinic manager oversees the day-to-day activities of the clinic.

Electronic Charting
The clinic has a complete electronic medical records system, including lab and other diagnostic services. The main clinic and satellite clinics are fully integrated for patient records. The computers are installed with the Ministry of Health’s approved clinical management software.

Attractive Rent
Physicians working in the clinic pay a portion of their billings to cover operating costs, staffing and supplies. The portion charged is very competitive with other opportunities.

Flexible Schedules
The clinic has been designed to create a flexible work environment for physicians working in the clinic. Flexible scheduling allows physicians to achieve their own individual practice goals.

The ten physicians working at the clinic should be viewed as ten “full-time equivalent” physicians. In some instances two physicians might make up one full-time equivalent position, or alternatively, three physicians might make-up two full-time equivalent positions, etc. This allows individuals to pursue other interests such as emergency medicine or to have more time to be able to care of their family

Individual physicians can negotiate specific arrangements, in terms of how much time or commitment they would make to the clinic, with the Management Committee.

Supportive Medical Community
Support for physicians locating to Headwaters is readily available through a collegial and mentoring medical community. Dr. Dan Mallin, who has a full time family practice and many years of affiliation with Headwaters, participates in the group practice.

Relationship to the Hospital
It is expected that the physicians who join the group practice will have an affiliation with the hospital and will seek and acquire medical staff privileges within the Department of Family Medicine. The specific work that you will perform at the hospital will vary depending on your personal interest. Hospital services include obstetrical care, emergency care, complex continuing care, palliative care or other clinical program support.

For Further Information Contact:

Stacey Daub, President and CEO
Headwaters Health Care Centre 
519-941-2702, ext. 2200 

Dr. Mercedes C. Rodriguez M., MD, CCFP
Chief of Family Practice, Headwaters Health Care Centre
Lead Physician, Highlands Health Network

Carol Petryschuk, Manager
Highlands Health Network
140 Rolling Hills Drive
Orangeville, ON L9W 4X8
Tel: 519-941-7575 x. 225
Fax: 519-941-7060