7 ways to stay healthy and happy over the holidays

As we wait for the snow to start falling, we jingle the bells and deck the halls to celebrate the holiday season. With all the merriment, we may find ourselves focusing more on baking, shopping and visiting loved ones than staying active and eating well.

While holiday preparations are important, we also can’t forget to take care of ourselves. To help keep this in mind, here are a few tips to stay healthy and happy during this wonderful time of the year:
Look for healthy-alternative recipes
You may be surprised at the amount of recipes out there that take your favourite holiday treats and make them a little bit better for you. For example, try these decadent avocado brownies and you will not regret it.
Wash your hands before you eat
Yes it sounds obvious, but just think of all the hugs you give and hands you shake before you dive into that cheese plate at a holiday party. A little hand sanitizer is all you need to get rid of those germs and enjoy the food.
Take your time with your food
If you’re engaging in a big meal, consciously think about your portions while you fill your plate. This will help avoid that overly-stuffed feeling afterwards, and remember, you can always go back for seconds!
Get outside
As long as you’re bundled up, getting out in the winter air can be a great way to balance out those holiday calories. Try out a hike or some outdoor skating and get those legs going with some friends or family members.
Veggies are still a thing!
No, the holidays are not an excuse to forget about healthy eating. To help curb indulgence, try to fill half of your plate with fruits and veggies. This can help fill you up and potentially cut back on your trips to the treat tray.
Give or ask for health-focused gift ideas
Yoga mats, hand weights, new running shoes, the possibilities are endless. If you give or receive gifts that promote a healthy lifestyle, chances are that you’ll feel inclined to improve yours!
Don’t let any holiday stress get you down
Yes, this time of year can be busy. You can keep yourself on track by making a budget, reaching out to friends or family if you need any help, and making sure you do something nice for yourself.